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Better Ways to Build Muscle Faster


Building muscle takes consistency, diet, and time. The rate for muscle growth varies, but some ways can help to build your muscles faster.

Some of these ways include the following:

1. Concentrate on Calorie Surplus

This is a difficult routine, especially if you often count calories, hoping to shred fat. But to build muscle faster, you will have to take more calories than you can burn every day.

This is because if your body senses that it has a calorie deficit, it will downshift the tendency of the body to build new muscles. When your body thinks you are calorie deficit, being swollen won’t be its top priority.

2. Consume Beta-Alanine Supplements

Beta-alanine is a naturally occurring amino acid often produced in the body. However, it can as well be available in supplements. So, what does beta-alanine do? For athletes and bodybuilding enthusiasts, it can help to build muscle faster.

3. Increase the Volume of Your Training

Training volume, as the number of sets multiplied by the number of reps, is the key determiner of hypertrophy. You will need to go low in weight to improve muscle volume growth.

Unlike strength training, intensive training volume will drop during the phase of hypertrophy. The intensity sits between 50% and 70% of an individual’s IRM.

In order to get the volume growth your muscles want, experts recommend that you perform your lifts for four to five sets of 12 to 18 reps.

4. Consider Focusing on Progressive Overload

This is a vital aspect of building muscles. If you don’t train with progression, it means you aren’t exercising. Muscles only respond to training volume and load.

If you do more with more volume and load, your muscles will have no option but to grow stronger/bigger and adapt. If you are concentrating on focusing muscles or aren’t committed to training programs, your workout results will be close to none in the end.

5. Take Time to Rest and Recover

Recovery, as well as rest, are vital components of building muscles faster. Muscle recovery strategies, proper sleep, and more rest days are important. Knowing the importance of having enough rest will help to prevent burnout, avoid injuries, and improve your muscle gains. Therefore, know how to keenly listen to your own body and give it time to recover so that it can grow faster and stronger.

Recovery and rest also come in handy when building the mass of your muscles. It may sound contradictory, but taking time to rest can help your muscles grow bigger and stronger.

6. Increase Your Training Frequency

There are various ways you can structure resistance training workouts. Some individuals prefer doing total body training, which often includes workouts that target all major groups of muscles in your body. In contrast, others split their exercise routines to concentrate on their triceps, biceps, and lower body muscles.

The Take a way

Building muscles requires following the right diet and committing yourself to resistance training. Muscle-building programs should depend on isolation and compound movements but adjust specific repetitions, sets, and exercises to ensure long-term and consistent muscle strength and size gains.


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